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Arts & Design Challenges

These open-ended Career and Technical Education challenges help students develop their creativity, critical thinking, and technical skills to support a future career in Art & Design. 

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Build-a-Brand Logo Challenge

Students will showcase a business or brand’s identity and unique value through a creative logo.

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Merging the Traditional with Cutting Edge

Students will merge traditional analog printmaking and modern technology to produce unique, cutting edge artwork.

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Moving Masterpieces

Students will design a kinetic sculpture powered by a form of motion such as an audience member, a simple machine, wind, or water and effectively communicates a message to the viewer.

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Laser Couture

Students will engage in a design process to create a functional and visually striking element of a costume.

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Reinventing the Ordinary, an Upcycling Challenge

Students will take an item or material destined for the landfill and give it a new life with Glowforge.

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Capstone: Celebrating Arts and Community

Students will produce a community art installation and host a community celebration using Glowforge to design and promote the event.

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