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Manufacturing Lessons

Students learn career skills and design principles, including ergonomic, empathetic, circular, and universal design, through open-ended challenges.

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Glowforge 500 (Exploring Physics with Gravity Racers)

Using what they know about applied physics, students race towards the finish line with a custom, Glowforge-made derby car.

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Shrink-O-Matic (Or, Making Products at Scale)

Explore the complex relationships between size, scale, and manufacturing processes by creating two versions of a product — one full size and one scaled version.

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Condense the Nonsense: Workshop Organization

Identify and transform points of clutter, disorganization, and difficulty through simple organizational solutions.

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Think Inside the Box (Redesigning packaging to reduce waste)

Design packaging that minimizes the amount of materials used while maintaining a product's integrity during transport or shipping.

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Level-up for Lefties

Redesign or adapt a common product to make daily tasks more efficient and enjoyable for lefties.

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Accessible Innovations with Universal Design

Using universal design principles, redesign an ordinary product to make it more accessible for anyone to use.

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Capstone Challenge: Sustainable Strategies for Circular Design

Create a sustainable design solution that maximizes the lifespan of a product. Students will consider the product’s impact on the environment throughout its lifecycle, including its manufacturing process and its capacity to be repurposed or recycled at the end of its usefulness.

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