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Bundles Built for Educators

More than just a laser cutter and engraver, it's an experience!

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Get expert-recommended essentials for creating with Glowforge in the classroom.

Glowforge Pro

used in 3,000+ schools

Laser cut, score, and engrave materials right in the classroom. With Glowforge’s integrated design tools & ready-to-use classroom projects, your students can turn their creative ideas into 3D reality. Glowforge is the all-in-one creative solution that makes every class period a hands-on learning experience.

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Hands-on learning fosters creativity

Join Nick and Bailey for a HUGE live print! They’ll share their Top 5 Tips for successful Passthrough printing.

Watch your students realize they can bring their ideas to life right in the classroom.

Great investment in your school & students' future

Advance your teaching with new technology that builds real-world skills to serve your students far beyond the classroom.

Join Nick and Bailey for a HUGE live print! They’ll share their Top 5 Tips for successful Passthrough printing.

Fast & easy to use

Everybody gets a turn to hold their own finished product by the end of class, and you save your valuable time for teaching, not troubleshooting.

We'll help get you started

We'll help you set up, align curriculum, and get your classroom Glowforge ready!

Download The Educator's Guide To Glowforge

Glowforge was built for classrooms. Download this PDF for everything you need to know to create your world, from printer to grant funding.

FREE Lesson Plans

Bringing Glowforge to your classroom is easy with our standards-aligned lesson plans created by teachers & our catalog with hundreds of designs with step-by-step instructions.

Proofgrade™ Materials

Get beautiful results with every project when you use Proofgrade™ materials. They’re specially-sourced and lab-tested to work perfectly with your Glowforge.

Glowforge Air Filter + Cartridges

Use your Glowforge in any classroom, makerspace, or workshop – no window ventilation required. Extra Cartridges mean you can use Glowforge any time and always have fresh & clean air.

Glowforge Premium Subscription

Our all-in-one design studio made for everyone – no experience required! Regular updates and new features mean Premium only gets better. Plus, it pairs with the programs you already know & love.

Extended Warranty

The extended warranty covers your Glowforge printer after the original purchase warranty expires, so you can print confidently knowing your investment is protected.