The Battle Rages On
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That would be the battle to get things organized around here…figured I’d show a pre-installation photo of my recent attempts to beat the pantry into submission. (I haven’t got the luxury of a walk-in pantry here… that was one of our biggest “oopsies” when we built this place. Ahhh well…Live and learn. Then buy a laser to fix it.)

The organizers go UP, so it utilizes the space in the cabinet efficiently and they’re FIFO, so hopefully I’ll wind up with fewer discoveries of cans that expired in 2014. :smile:


That’s it. Nothing earth shaking. There are different sizes to accommodate different sized cans, and a couple of different styles, top loading and front loading. I did make a bunch of these out of a heavy chip board first, then splashed one and realized they needed to be made out of Draftboard. (You don’t want to get chip wet.)


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