Geometric Utensil Crock
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Might as well keep the ball rolling here! My next ‘real’ project came out after I moved into my new apartment and saw all my cooking utensils just laying on my counter. Gal Gaforge to the rescue!


The design is just one base pattern, and then mirrored to give it a continuous flow from side to side. I originally designed the stripes to all be 1/8", which resulted in a pretty dense pattern. It looked awesome! But, in the end I had to scale it up because the resulting panel was just too flimsy. The stripes are now all roughly 1/4" and so far (as in, since last night) it’s held up very well! haha

A word of caution with finger joints- check, check, and check again to make sure everything fits!! I forgot how much of a pain getting the correct kerf adjustments for these things are. Even with the eventual help of an online box generator I still ran into a spot of trouble with one of the sides of my bottom panel not lining up correctly. :sweat_smile: The fit ended up being very snug, though since this will likely get knocked around a little I used super glue for some extra security. Not sure yet what sort of coating I might put on for water protection.

I’m hoping to continue with this geometry in the future…maybe some smaller versions for tea lights?




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