My turn, My turn! The first cuts
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Well she’s up and running and I’ve been playing with everything I can get my hand on. Aluminum and Paper have been a challenge, the :proofgrade: is the real MVP, that draft board is like butter. Got some cheap wood rounds from the hobby lobby, must be pretty soft wood cause wow does the forge eat through it. Creates some great depth, :proofgrade: settings are nice but starting to like having more control. Engrave of my wife was really too low rez, gunna try again sunday.


Game called Tsuro


Maple & Walnut for a friend


Wanted to show off her Vitiligo nothing showing but people are sensitive i suppose…


for DM screen for D&D


:proofgrade: leather, aluminum and hobby lobby wood


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First Proofgrade Leather project :)

Custom Dice Storage - Kingdom Death Monster

Double light switch cover

Proofgrade 1/4" Clear Acrylic: Bunny Cookie Cutter