Beta Project: Toy Viking Sword
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Hello folks,

I got drug away from the GF for a bit by work, but I’ve got a couple of new projects I’m working on. This one is for my five year old son. He put in a request for a sword, and here it is, a viking era toy sword.

First, the CAD linework. The sword is built up of five layers of wood. The center layer (the blade) is 1/4" plywood while the hilt is built up layers of 1/8" hardwood. I planned to fasten the layers together with square pegs and glue.

Here are the pieces precisely cut by the GF.

And the assembled sword before finishing.

And a little metallic acrylic paint to finish it off.

My son apparently likes it enough to bring it to breakfast. Maybe there ought to be a rule against weapons at the dining table.

My son and I are working on a papier mache viking helmet (no, real viking helmets didn’t feature horns). I’ll update this post with a little photoshoot when that’s done.


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