Beta Project: Name Wall Art
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My daughter asked if I could make her a cut out of her name to put in her room.
So, I took the idea and ran with it. :slight_smile:

I created a vector outline of her name using Illustrator, and connected things manually with the pen tool where I needed to in order to make a 1-piece cut out.

Once I had a working finished outline I figured I could push this simple idea to the max and try all 3 laser operations in one large project. Engrave, Score, & Cut.

I generated a halftone pattern to engrave and added a scoreline around the edge of that, leaving a thin ‘stroke’ around the entire thing.

I did some tests at a smaller scale (reduced size in the glowforge print screen) to see how it would look, then ran it full size for a final piece. :bulb: :glowforge: :boom:

A reduced size test

Just finished

And then…
Actual size (as big as I could fit it)

Just finished on the :glowforge: still…

Holding her new artwork!

And hung above her door…

Turned out great in the end and she loves it. :smile: :heart:
Also, I now need to make one for every member of the family. :wink:

Thanks for checking this project out!
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