Baby footprint keychain/ornament!
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Hi all! Decided to try my first engrave based on my baby’s footprint stamp (he’s 2 months old now!)

Overall, I didn’t do much to further optimize the image, though I’m sure I’d get even better results if I did. In short, here’s what I did:

  • Scanned the footprint using a regular HP scanner
  • Greyscaled the image
  • Uploaded it to the Glowforge UI
  • Decided to do a manual engrave & did an ordered dither (45 min level / 90 max level)
  • Popped in 1/8 inch maple hardwood
  • Engraved it! Took about 5 minutes

I then decided after the fact to cut it out with a hole for a key ring or ornament hook. This was a good test of the camera alignment. I rescanned the bed with the engraved foot, and dragged in an outline for the cut I created in inkscape on top of it. The alignment was spot on!

I’ll do a few more of these for family members & will probably iterate on the process to see if I can get even better results! I’m open for any recommendations!





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