Beta Project 4_JM - Woodland Baby Mobile
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Created a baby mobile with interlocking 1/4" wood branches and leather flowers. The ends of the branches were double engraved to create the cut look with a deeper etch for the character markings.

…did notice on these branches where the carriage has in the past etched the entire line, in this instance the carriage printed all of one branch end then jumped to the next, did all of that one and so on. It was interesting since I hadn’t seen that happen before but saved time on the print since the carriage didn’t have to move the entire length for each pass…

The hook was personalized and created in two pieces so that the mobile can be expanded as needed.

The four feathers (which Chad beautifully created the art for!) are each 6 inches of etching

…printed them separately as each feather took 21 minutes but all printed through to completion.

The final mobile is a collection of 21 pieces strung together to create one very custom Baby Mobile!

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