Matcha Tea Station Caddy
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So I recently I decided I liked Matcha. (Took a while, it’s pretty sucky with milk as a latte, or straight up, but with a little lemon or lime and sweetener, it totally rocks. I love the no-jitter energy boost, anti-oxidants, etc., etc…) :grinning:

What I don’t like is chasing bright green powder all over the counter, and the little ziploc bag with the tea, and the whisk and the scoop and all the other paraphernalia required.

So I decided to make a little caddy for a tin to hold the tea, and included a couple of slots for the tools, and I’m more or less happy with how it turned out, so I’ll show it.


This was with Proofgrade medium basswood ply and a padauk lining. You can’t really see the padauk unless you look directly at it, but I wanted that little pop of red with the white. (And something with a slightly oriental flavor.)


*By the way, don’t ever take a seller’s word for the actual measurements on a container or tool that you purchase…they are either drunk, don’t care, or have no idea how to measure anything. (31mm is not an inch.) :roll_eyes: :smile:

Anyway, it works, and it’s much neater to have a little “Matcha Tea Station” for it.

I did actually try something different with this, but it wasn’t laser related, it was clamp related.
You all know the saying…"You can never have too many clamps."

I worked out something REALLY cheap for clamping two sheets together while gluing that I thought I’d share:


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