Adventures in Leather - Volume 1
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leather gift card and money jackets 1

Be kind … this is not my forte’ by a long shot. :smile:

Finally managed to run hubs off for long enough to try playing with some leather (he has a super sensitive schnoz). :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

So trotted out a couple of designs…I’ll need to get some fittings in before I can show a couple of them, but I managed to finish a couple with the supplies on hand.

First up…a bracelet or two. I’m not much on jewelry, but leather cuffs are kind of cool, and I got to thinking that if a living hinge works on wood, it can be made to work on leather as well, turning an unyielding leather into something elastic.

Depending on how much you stretch it, you can get a couple of different effects, so they’re shown below. You can sew these closed, and then stretch them to fit over your hand and they pop back down in a kind of neat way.

These are done out of the thin Proofgrade leather - I think they would hold up a little better in something thicker, but i didn’t have any thick PG on hand.

Leather Bracelet LH 3

(Nice thing about them is…one size fits most, and you can vary the number of panels you use to make them fit anyone.)

Second project…my nieces and nephews are getting to the age where they’re impossible to buy for, and everyone just gives them money and gift cards for birthdays and Christmas. I wanted to do a heavier weight money/gift card jacket to give them - they could double as a money clip when they’ve spent the dough, or something to tuck into a pocket.

Went with a generic theme on some heavier leather that I picked up for :glowforge: prep - figured I might as well use it.

leather gift card and money jackets 1

Anyway…that’s it for now. Nothing fancy…I’m definitely not up to bags and briefcases yet. (Think I’ll need to work my way up to those…like after about 20 years.) :smile:

Edit: Got the findings in - these are a few other cuffs using the same base designs:


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