Practical Project: Lighted Polishing Station
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My husband needed a better way to polish jewelry with his Foredom tool besides using a cut-off 2 liter soda bottle. The issue is that the bits thrown off by the spinning tool get in the air and in his lungs. You can buy commercial enclosures for this but they can be bulky and expensive. We sat down with his list of requirements and came up with a 10" x 10" box with a removable acrylic lid, rubber curtains to contain particles, and lights inside. I just finished it and am pretty proud of how it turned out:

The battery box screwed to the side powers the LED strips along the top edge:

And here it is in action:

I pre-cut circles on one side so we can later add either a shop vac (1.5" access) or dust collector (3" access). Meanwhile they are just taped closed.

The cool thing is it’s all self contained and doesn’t require access to power; he can just set it on the floor (the only clear space in that room!) and out of his way when not using.

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