Harry Potter Wand Box
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I’ve been planning to make a wand box for my daughter ever since I saw a previous post that inspired me. Originally, I wanted to make it for her for Xmas, but I didn’t have my GF by that time so no luck.

Headed to LA tomorrow to visit her, so over the weekend, I finally bit the bullet and got to work.
This is the first project where I designed a box from scratch in Illustrator and I am very pleased with the results!! Best way to learn is to push yourself to new things :slight_smile:

The music box was off ebay (Hedwig’s theme) and I was so pleased at how the hole alignment was perfect the first time by working off the measurements from the ebay seller’s layout diagram.

One neat feature of the slider cover is the half circle finger pull. I used a half circle with a gradient and cut it with vary power.

Overall, pleased with the results and can’t wait to give it to her tomorrow :slight_smile:




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