Enhanced engravings, iOS app improvements, and Plus pins

Maximize your photo engraving with instructions and updated settings

We’ve seen so many exquisite photo engravings, we decided to make them even easier.

First, you may already know that adjusting a photo for engraving is different from adjusting it for printing. We’ve created instructions to prepare photos for beautiful prints on Adobe Photoshop (most popular) and Gimp (free).

We also wanted to make your engraves as beautiful and sharp as possible, so we’ve updated the Draft photo and HD photo settings for Medium Hardwood and Plywood in Basswood and Maple. These are the materials that we find work the very best for photos. As a bonus, these settings print significantly faster, while giving you better detail.

The old settings will remain for a week or two and then will be removed - we hope you enjoy trying the new ones out!

Finally, you’ll notice the default engrave setting for bitmap images will now show up as “Draft Photo” instead of “SD Graphic”. We want to make sure you’re set up for engraving success no matter what you’re tackling, and we’ve found this setting is a better default. We recommend switching to “Graphic” for photos that have solid colors, like logos.

Glowforge iOS app (beta) improvements

You had some great suggestions on how to improve our Glowforge iOS app (keep them coming!). One of the ones we’ve been working on improving for you is the ability to save your design changes from your desktop back to the Glowforge iOS app. Tada! You’ll now see that if you upload and edit a design on your desktop your changes will be saved when you open up the same design on your iPhone. Note the changes you make to your design in the app are not yet saved back.

Because the iOS app is still in beta, we’re continuing to add improvements. If you’re using manual settings, the “Full Power” option is now supported. You’re now also able to zoom in further into the workspace to get a better look at your design and shift around your components to the exact spot you want them.

Glowforge Plus, now with pin

We’re making it easier to recognize Glowforge Plus units in the interface - they’ll join the Pro in having a badge next to their name, like so:

app (1)