Beta Project - Dice Tower v3!
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My dice tower is coming along nicely, and since I was lucky enough to have a snow day yesterday, I was able to knock out another iteration!

So from my last version here is what I changed… I love the living hinge, but they didn’t work very well as the internal bumpers. I wanted to keep the hinge, but decided to make the two bumpers flat with the hinge forming a slide out of the tower. I went a little taller to allow the slide to reach all the way to the front, making the distance that the dice are in contact with it that much greater.

My layouts are getting better!

I also wanted to be sure to see the hinge, so I made the back open so that it was visible.

I also wanted to start adding decorative elements to it as well, so I added the facade around the top, a frame around the exit, and some windows. Thanks to @m_raynsford and the cobble pattern from your blog! I used parts of it around the windows, door, the facade and on the two flat bumpers inside.

Everything is press-fit except for this part where the front face attaches to the sides and holds in the slide (which wants to push out). I ended up gluing that part.

My friend said that he didn’t really like the tray that catches the dice, so for this version I took it off, which makes the tower itself that much more compact. I was a bit worried about stability, but after several dumps of the King of Tokyo dice through the tower this morning, I can say that it’s pretty solid!

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