Beta Project - Star Realms Dividers
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One of my favorite card games of late is Star Realms (BGG Link), a space themed deck-building game. Because it is one of my favorites, I just can’t let anything slip by, and as a result…

That’s a lot of cards!

I initially had the cards in one of these…

But that’s super-boring, so for my birthday my friend Timoth (Also a Glowforge owner, though not really active here, thus no tag because I don’t know what his is!) made this wooden box for my collection!

Initially to keep the cards organized I made paper dividers…

But as you can see, they weren’t very good at their job!

I mean, they kept them separated, but you couldn’t really see them to easily grab up what you were looking for.

So, I decided to make dividers for the box. I took some measurements, snagged some logos (which I then converted to raster). 3mm hardwood or acrylic was going to be too thick, as with the latest game expansion, the box is already quite full! Thankfully I had some nice Cherry veneer that I could work with! I haven’t taken the sticky-back off yet, but at some point I’ll probably cut a backer out of card stock or even just paper to stick to the backs.

It’s a tight squeeze even with the thin veneer, so if any more expansions come out I’ll have to upgrade to a bigger box, but for now, I think it’ll work great!

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