LOTR Cribbage
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Glowforge #3, or 2nd replacement unit has arrived! First project with the new :glowforge:, I made a Lord of the Rings cribbage board for myself. I ended up having to do the top layer twice, as the original one done in walnut plywood from Owyn’s had some of the top layer chip off. I re-ran it and this time I didn’t have any walnut plywood left, so I did it in Cherry, which is what I had on hand. I added a compartment for the pegs on the bottom. The original one I used masking, but it was dreadful to get off. So the second one I didn’t. Not sure if I like the burnt edges on this, but my thought was that it fits the theme. I’m happy with the end result. :slight_smile:

Pegs were ordered from Amazon

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