Beta Project: Magic: the Gathering Energy Tokens
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I wanted to try a multi-material inset project, and I think I saw some energy tokens here, but I decided that I would give it a shot. I made 10 tokens and a little case to hold them in for travel.

Tokens are engraved on both sides (just flipped the token over after the first engrave/cut being careful not to move the larger piece of maple.)

Edit… That’s not quite true. The bolt isn’t a symmetrical entity, so I had to create a mirror image of the engrave in the same location. I just made it a different color so I could choose not to engrave it the first pass. Then flipped the pieces and engraved just the mirror.

I even engraved the Kaladesh (latest M:tG block which introduced the energy token) set icon onto the feet.

I went through a few iterations of both the holder and the tokens, and being completely honest, I’ll probably make some more changes to the holder in future iterations.

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