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I have been continuing to evolve the box project I talked about in my acrylic box post.

We have now decided to go with a wood box with a slide off top. And i must say that @dan you have turned me into a huge Proofgrade fan. This stuff is fantastic. The quality is top notch and its just plain simple to use. Hopefully you have a good supply on hand since i’m going to need a bunch of it. :slight_smile: I think we are up to 120 boxes that i need to make in total.

Here are a few prototypes i made last night in both maple and walnut plywood. The engraving is just a placeholder for now as we nail down the basic box design.

The lid slides into a deep engraved channel on the inside of the box. I’m still making adjustments on the design to get a perfect fit.

It did take a few test engraves to get the right depth, which you can see here in the upper left corner.

Now the fun part, i need to figure out how to pack as many lids onto one sheet as possible. Each lid is going to have a custom design for each client. I think i can get 9 lids on if i share cutlines. My GFUI is going to be a huge mess after this project. Hopefully we get a way to organize it soon, Please @dan :slight_smile:

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