Beta day - two (Corrugated Cardboard)
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Sadly I have only a short note to post from yesterday. Work (AKA real work) was busy and my all important Glowforge progress was frustrated by too many interruptions from pesky clients.

I am working on an idea for a toy, but the design is not quite there yet. I was doing all my prototyping with corrugated cardboard and did learn some interesting things about lasering the material.

Magnets are your friends, and the steel grid is great! Since the cardboard has a natural warp along the corrugations a few strategically placed magnets will help ensure that all your cuts are the same, and that when pieces get cut through and drop they stay in focus (if you have screwed up your cut order). On that note being able to control the cut orders is a good thing!

Anyway the thing is still not where I want it to be, but on the plus side I now have lots of cardboard circles.

Stacking them up and playing with them leads to new ideas, and the corrugations look really cool when you turn the circles at slightly different angles.

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