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Half a year ago or so, I decided I would like to make my own purse. I set out to identify and measure what needed to go in it (phone, credit cards, bills, fold-up straw, pen, and small pieces I’d made on the Glowforge to give away to my lunch friends and wait staff, etc. I had a no stitch requirement, as I don’t have the strength or dexterity to do so. I bought a credit card insert to make the design easier and I could use an existing purse strap. I made the clutch out of the Glowforge catalog so I could see how that came together. I looked all over Pinterest for ideas. I created several layers in Inkscape; printed draft pieces on paper or draft board; decided I could shave off some length or width. I had bought a very pretty light blue veg leather from China and I was just petrified to mess it up. I’m not good at thinking through a design in 3D; I invariably miss something.


After several weeks of agonizing, I decided I could just use a piece of proofgrade leather and consider my first run a test. That freed me up to think outside of the box. Not sure how I ended up ordering and using this fabulous sparkly paint (Angelus), but I’m thrilled with how it looks, even though it is not at all what I usually choose in a purse (plain black). I scored the pattern and carefully weeded the masked areas and painted.


The only thing that didn’t work out is the credit card insert - I didn’t measure the inside space correctly by about .25”. No matter - ordered a different insert. Now that it is all finished the irony is that we’re no longer allowed to go anywhere. My last lunch with friends was 12 days ago. So here is the only place I get to show it off for awhile!

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