Dog Harness 1.0
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I don’t like to use collars for my little dogs, since their necks can be so fragile, so I’ve been making cloth and velcro vests, or buying harnesses. Smidgen, however, has started chewing through them, which is getting really expensive / time-consuming, so I decided to give leather a try. This is Dog Harness 1.0. The dragon scale pattern was a total fail, and I don’t have enough rivets on hand to fill the holes around the front of the neck, and I had to use snaps in a couple of places where rivets would be more secure, because I didn’t get the size quite right. But he’s been wearing it all day with no chewing so far, so we may be on the right track!



Made with PG Thick natural leather, blue and purple acrylic paint, and Kiwi neutral wax shoe polish. :slight_smile:

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