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So I have been watching a lot of dungeon crafting youtube channels.

Two in particular:

This guy: theDMsCraft
And so much of this guy: Black Magic Craft

Black Magic Craft has a great video on making basic tiles which I like so much i had to try some.
Basic Tile Video

Now he makes everything out of XPS(Extruded Polystyrene) aka foamular from Home depot, aka pink insulation boards. I am okay with an x-acto blade but really good with my glowforge so I decided to take his techniques and give them a tweak.

So i created 6 tiles each 3x3. Sized for 1 inch based miniatures. Then I used the Black Magic Crafts painting technique to do pho stone paint job. I love the result. I will post the svg file in this thread. One of you with a better artistic skills take it and make the cracking and the stone edges looks better.

Freshly Cut out: cut from underlayment


Gluing the stand offs on:


Starting the Black Primer Coat:


Continued in the reply

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