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A little background for people unfamiliar with D&D. When you start combat in D&D, you determine your turn order, called initiative, by rolling a 20 sided dice. The higher the number, the earlier you go.

Tracking initiative order is beneficial, because it lets you know when your turn is coming up so you can prepare. There are a number of different ways to track initiative; write it on a white piece of paper, a dry erase board or mate, folding a index card and hanging it on the DM screen, or using clothespins (apparently).

So, I decided to design an initiative tracker that we can use for our game.
Here is the Prototype.

Front side, that the players can see, will have a portrait and name. This is for a generic monster. Because I didn’t take a nice picture, you can’t tell that I painted in the engrave red before removing the masking. The coin at the top I plan on painting with dry erase paint, so you can write your initiative number in.

Back Side, that the DM can see. For Player Characters, I’ll probably make another portrait. For Monsters, I added clips to hold up paper that can have monster info on it. Also, I’m thinking of painting that side with dry erase paint as well, so you don’t need to use paper if you don’t want to.

Side view of the back, showing the clips.

Here’s the fun part, its all held up by magnets.

There is a modular base that gets hung on the DM screen. The coins will have Player’s or Monster names written on them, so they can be easily identified. They they go on and come off very easy. All the magnets were pressed in, no glue needed.

I’m planning on painted the modular section black. Also, for Player’s portraits, I was planning on making them our of plywood or hardwood. But that will take some more testing for magnet placement.

You can find Draftboard settings for magnet placement here:

Any comments, thoughts, suggestions, vicious mockeries?

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