Cantilever sewing box
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After having seen @jamesdhatch’s excellent cantilevered sewing box, I figured I’d try one of my own! (Mostly just to learn Fusion 360 joints a bit better, for my own sake.) What started as a mockup turned into a surprisingly-functional first try.

Made from 8 pieces of 12x12 Baltic Birch (this was meant to just be a mockup, after all), some white glue, and 28 little 6mm Chicago screws (“sex screws”). It’s quite big: The footprint wound up as right about 9x12, with the bottom tray fitting an 8.5x11" sheet of letter paper as a perfect little liner. Stability is pretty good: the thing is unlikely to tip, and the locked-in drawer bottoms feel better to me than finger-joint bottoms. No handle at the moment—I wanted to experiment a little before committing to a handle design, anyway.

Can clean up and post the SVG if anyone’s interested, likely in both Proofgrade and 12x12" formats. (Edit: SVGs posted to the free laser designs forum and the project’s own homepage!) Not too different from James’s box, though, so if you’re looking for something smaller his is clearly time-tested and well-loved!

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