Lego display stand
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My son got a ton of Lego minifigs for Christmas from relatives, so I designed and built this little shelf to hold (many of) them that he can put on display in his room.

The pieces fit together with little tabs on the ends sticking into holes cut on the other surface. It’s all cut out of PG maple plywood.

The trickiest part was the trial-and-error to make the holes and tabs the right size for a tight, but not impossible, fit. The laser seems to take away 0.15mm on either side of the cut line. (Does that match others’ experiences?)

At any rate, I got something that tapped together with a small mallet and is holding up without any glue. It helps that the minifigs don’t weigh very much!

I’m proud of this being my first custom design of a “useful” object (in the past I’ve just embellished designs). I did it entirely in Inkscape, and would be happy to share the file if anyone is interested. I’m definitely getting a lot more comfortable with vector path operations.

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