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The therapy office where I have my psychiatry practice is starting some yoga groups for trauma survivors, and asked me to make some things for a small retail space in the waiting room to help fund them, as they are targeting clients who lack the means to pay for them. So I came up with some “quick” yoga-friendly designs. I used ironic quotes on “quick” because naturally I started playing around with gluing the cutout pieces back in in contrasting colors, and now they’re not really all that quick any more!



The colored wood is from The Wood Gallery. The bordeaux (dark red) is pretty fragile; I have to be super careful not to nick it when weeding, because the color will scrape off even when just gently using a fingernail. The regular red is kind of light and more orangey than I like; it will be fine for hearts and Valentinesey stuff, but I haven’t liked it for anything else I’ve tried with it so far. Otherwise I’ve been pretty happy with their stuff—and they get 5 stars for their packaging! Each piece is in its own sturdy plastic bag, the whole stack is sandwiched in chipboard and plastic-wrapped, then wrapped in bubble pack. I was impressed!

The background is cut in .20” blackboard stock I found at Home Depot. The cut edges burn to the exact shade of black as the front, which makes it kind of awesome. :blush:

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