Pendants and a cry for help with leather cording ;)
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My DIL has pressured me into agreeing to participate in a craft fair at her church…not that I don’t want to do craft fairs, but it’s the whole scary doing it for the first time thing, compounded by my introvertness – eeek! I’m kinda secretly hoping they don’t have any spaces left, but if they do, I’m stuck. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Meanwhile, she wanted me to come up with a pendant design using the old Unitarian logo, as opposed to the new one I used on their usher badges. So this happened yesterday:


Now I’m trying to figure out what to hang them on…the craft fair is Saturday, so there’s not much time for gathering supplies, and I have to work between now and then, so I’m mostly stuck with what I already have or what I can find locally without having to walk too much (I can, now, but it’s still slow and limpy and painful!).

I have general supplies, like beads and clasps and things…the bails I have won’t work for these pendants, though, and jump rings seem too plain. I have some thin leather cord, which would loop through the holes easily, and I could add a semiprecious stone bead on top to dress it up a bit…

My issue is that I’ve never used leather cord for necklaces, and don’t really know what the right ways are for using it. I don’t think I have anything to crimp the leather with; are knots okay, if I find fancyish ones to use for attaching the clasps?

I’m hoping maybe some of my forum peeps will have brilliant suggestions to save me from my ineptitude. Help! Any ideas?

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