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Hi all!

First time posting (yay!) and figured I would share some things I have been tinkering with on the Glowforge. I run the Makerspace at a middle school in Philly, and with our air filter finally here, I’ve been having fun getting familiar with it and coming up with projects to try with the kids. I’ve been staying after the kids leave to tinker with it myself. I love making jewelry, so here are a few I’ve been working on.

Earrings I designed a while back and cut in orange acrylic for my work-wife.

orange earrings

Jellyfish in iridescent acrylic


Ghosties in acrylic - need to get a pic with the necklace chain I made for it at some point)


Iridescent Pegasi (I do love the iridescent acrylic!)




Creepy Kitties - inspired by something I bookmarked on Pinterest a while back.


And finally, Alien Abduction, inspired by a post from @lizz that I loved!


Love seeing what others are creating, and learning from all of the resources here.


Hundreds of ideas brought to life
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3D logo....Attempt. Can I get some feedback?

Dog tag w/ mirrored acrylic

My first cut with Proofgrade Clear Acrylic

Suhweet leather wallet!