Cut Draftboard kitschy earrings hand painted up 80s Memphis Milano style!
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When I ordered my Glowforge in 2015 I was creating projects in the makerspace at Cleveland Public Library on an Epilogue laser. I was etching and cutting out on luan drawings and pop culture things, making brooches, notebook holders. I was looking forward to getting the Glowforge and making these from home.

2 years pass and I’m inspired by so many different things in the meantime that I haven’t even played around with my old designs. I’ve been creating so many new things that I hadn’t even planned. That being said I’ve been so distracted by this inspiration I haven’t done a lot of other experimenting but I am so excited to share some of these designs!

For an Earth Girls Are Easy themed NYE party I designed and built these 8’ tall palm trees using a Criss Cross concept with OSB on a CNC Shop Bot and I thought I’d try to make miniatures with the proof grade Draftboard! It worked and now I’m applying the method to so many different other concepts, animals, cult symbols, iconic imagery, other kitsch!

I have so many new designs I’ve created with the Glowforge I don’t want to overwhelm all at once but I am so excited to share with the rest of the community. I was hit with this whole new muse when I got the Glowforge and I’m very thankful to have it right now!

I even started making Bolo ties from a little piece of hardware I created in draftboard too so the charms could still dangle and turn!


I hope you enjoy the kitsch and color!
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