Refinished bar table with a nice Koi design using the Glowforge to make the stencil
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I uploaded a video of the entire process on YouTube here:

I got this old crappy bar room side table with cigarette burns from an auction and wanted to refinish it.

I strip the table down to find out the center of the top was not solid oak like I thought…bummer. To cover that center plywood I spray paint the center flat black. Then I make a spray paint template of some Koi fish with the Glowforge laser cutter out of some cardboard.

I paint the Koi fish on to the table top with a metallic gold paint.
Stain the bare oak with Golden Oak 210 from Min Wax. Touch up the gold paint template over spray with a sharpie pen. Finally seal the whole table with MinWax fast drying polyurethane clear satin. This project took about half a day of time, and I really liked the end resulting table. I am going to give this to my mom for mothers day I hope she likes it!


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