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I bought my Glowforge to teach students to make props that they can use to tell quick stories. I need to give them some examples, so I made this popup book based on Usuke Oono’s 360 degree books (http://www.awrd.com/portfolios/oonoyusuke). My book tells the story of an intracellular infection, where a host cell picks up a pathogen and the pathogen then grows within the host. You rotate the book and see the progressive stages of the infection. This book shows the course of a Listeria infection.

My idea is the students could carry this around in their pocket, and if then asked what they study, they whip this out and explain their project. This will be much better than drawing pictures in the air with their hands.

The book is cut from bristol board and the cells are highlighted with a water based marker. It is bound using a coptic binding.

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