Decided To Make a Ring Box, And Ask My Girlfriend A Question
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So, after six years, I finally had a decent job and was able to purchase one of those fancy shiny ring things for my girlfriend. Being somewhat crafty, I felt that I needed to make something to help make the whole event/adventure just that much more personal. So I bought the ring, and then spent a large quantity of time looking for ideas for a cool box. I wanted something thin, that I could easily carry on my persons without being too obvious.

I found a neat design, and decided to put a bit of my own spin on it. I ended up adding a hinge and a few hearts and other personalizations. I planned the date, engraved the date, planned a day of activities and then convinced her to go on a quick hike before spending the day in Monterey (where we spent our 1st anniversary). I put the box in my sock, found the spot, set up the tripod, and then asked the question. Sooo, without further ado, here is the box.
Made up of PG Walnut, PG Cherry, PG Leather, and Epoxy to keep it together








I found out that she did have some suspicions as a few weeks earlier she heard me sanding the box while on the phone. She asked what I was making and I told her not to worry about it, so she assumed it might be something for her. I was told that she tried not to get her hopes up just in case it was something for her birthday, and when we went on our hike she looked to see if there were any “Box Shaped” items in my pockets. With no box-like items clearly in my pockets, she was luckily less suspecting, and more surprised when I bent the knee, pulled the box from my sock, and asked the question.


And best part of it all, she said “Yes”



Sooo sorry for the overshare, but I wanted to share.

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