Glowforge Customer Reviews

“I am having the time of my life making things I never would have thought possible. I now make gifts for friend & family for Christmas, Valentines Day and soon all the other holidays. The excitement that surrounds us when we see the expression from friends & family and the big question they ask us" did you make this?" Wow! and can we watch you make something? I anticipate we will be making things with our Glowforge until the end of time.” - rmaker1952

Amazon Allen 5:30:2017

“...It has exceeded my wildest expectations and allowed me to bring my art to life. I was restricted to just a few mediums before and now a whole new world of possibilities has opened up for me. My biggest fear was the Glowforge being too basic and limited to beginners. I didn’t want to quickly outgrow my machine and be stuck wanting to upgrade to a more sophisticated laser. After using my machine for 8 months now, I have no doubts my Glowforge will keep up with me and be my go-to machine for a very long time. My only complaint is there aren’t enough hours in the day to laser all the things!” - kittski

video by I Like To Make Stuff (June 5, 2017) on YouTube

Amazon Tom A 6:10:2017

“...In the 1.5 months that we have had the Glowforge we have already started to make money from this machine due to its ease of use and awesome capabilities( that I have still yet to find limits)...” - bangert78

video by Amber | Damask Love (Oct 23, 2018) on YouTube

“...Another great thing is that when I am giving a tour of our lab (which I do a couple times a week) if there are any kids in the tour group, I can let them draw something on a piece of paper, put it in the machine and cut out a little keepsake for them to take home and remember their tour, something that would be impossible with a 3d printer due to the print time, and impossible with a different laser cutter as it would not be as user-friendly and easy to show off...” - jcarff

Amazon TaoHawaii 12:19:17

"...The best part of all of this is that when I ordered the Glowforge, I did it in HOPES of being able to make enough money with it so that in the future if we had a baby, I’d be able to work from home while watching him/her. Well our son was born in July, and if things keep going the way they have been, I’ll be home with him full time MUCH sooner than I could have ever anticipated when this all started..." - Mike13

By The Tinker Badit, November 10, 2017 (from YouTube)

"...My wife uses it to make the things we already own better. She loves to engrave. She uses it to make gifts out of leather and fabric for friends, family and herself. She uses it promote her business. My son uses the Glowforge for his school projects. To make his ideas real. He uses it for his robotics team. They use it too, to build robots, test their designs and improve. Even my friends and neighbors want to use it. People that have never made something from scratch in their entire lives want to use my Glowforge. Sometimes they ask for help to fix broken things that they would have thrown away. We don’t just fix their things, together we make them better than they could have dreamed and, we make gifts for their friends and family.” - anticzcom

By Jennifer F, February 14, 2018 (from YouTube)

“...It has literally brought, not only me, but those around me, heaps of joy and amusement. I haven’t necessarily considered myself a very creative person, but this machine has enabled me to consider myself a maker, and that has always been one of my dreams. It’s hard to beat a tool that can open as many doors as this one has...” - raymondking3

By hackLAB on March 30, 2018 (from YouTube)

“...I’m up and running with an online store selling incredible boards and pieces for a board game I helped create, and I’m sending them all over the world! I never once imagined I would be doing that!” - thejambi

Amazon Drea 5:30:2017

"...While I still dream about the day I can quit my corporate job to make a living creating things, right now I’m happy enough to consider this an investment in my personal well-being. Sounds overly dramatic, I know, but I’ve needed a creative outlet like this for years. The Glowforge made it happen." - rhenley

Amazon cube60659 10:29:2015

"...The Glowforge has allowed me to fulfill many of my creative needs! I get excited when I get to spend time making things with it. Prototyping is much easier when I can try something out, quickly make changes, and produce my changes all in house. As a toy, it was worth the money. As a tool, it will pay for itself quickly..." - jonreneberg

Amazon Adie 2/15

"...My family was delighted at a project I made with my 6 year old niece for Chinese New Years when I used the scan and engrave feature with a drawing she did that day. She was grinning ear to ear holding her artwork engraved in wood. I think it’s important to inspire children to make at a young age to spark creativity, a sense of wonder, and that they make it happen. Glowforge is a perfect tool for that!" - Dia

By Maker Something on March 30, 2017 (from YouTube)