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"...the next wave of computer-aided creativity"

The New York Times

"Being able to easily laser cut in our own homes has changed the way we think about making things."

Tested: Glowforge Laser Cutter Review

"Glowforge is a game changer in many ways, and I haven't been this excited by a technology in a long time. The things you can make with one are orders of magnitude better looking than things you can make with a 3D printer of the same price, and the Glowforge is much easier to learn how to use than a 3D printer."

The new Glowforge laser cutter is here and it's amazing

"If you're aiming to be the next millionaire on Etsy, you might want to order one of these now."

Glowforge is a laser cutter for DIY enthusiasts

"Using subtractive technology and autofocus to achieve depth and precision, Glowforge creates a number of objects – from lamp shades to drone frames – in a matter of minutes."

Glowforge's 3D Maker Machine Now Available on Pre-Order