Ear Savers FAQ for Essential Workers

How do I sign up to get free Ear Savers?

It’s easy and free. Sign up here to let us know your location and how many you and/or your organization need.

Are Ear Savers really free?

Yes! We started with a commitment to give away 1 million Ear Savers. It turns out, that was just the beginning. There are so many more people who need our help that we’re going to keep going.

You have two options to receive your Ear Savers.

  • Free Ear Savers that are donated, made, and delivered by someone in your local community. We will try to match you with a donor in your community who will print Ear Savers and ship or drop them off at their own expense. Both the Ear Savers and the delivery are free. However, demand is high in many areas, so it may take a while. We may not be able to match you with anyone. We’ll email you when and if a match is made.

  • Free Ear Savers donated by Glowforge, where you pay for shipping. When they’re ready, we’ll reach out to request a FedEx prepaid shipping label to send them to you. If you prefer, you can also securely charge a credit card. The typical cost to ship 100 Ear Savers is $16.

Can I have the free Ear Savers I request personalized?

Once you’ve matched with a maker, you can ask them if it’s possible to add text or an image to your Ear Savers. If they have time available, they may be able to personalize your request, though we can’t make any promises on their behalf.

I have an account with another shipping company. Can I use that instead?

If you choose to provide us with a prepaid shipping label, we welcome labels from FedEx. Unfortunately, we’re not able to work with labels from other shippers.

I’m outside the US, can I participate?

Yes! Visit the International Ear Savers Matching Forum and post your needs to find a maker who can help in your country.

How long till my ear savers are ready?

It may be days, weeks, or longer depending on factors like when you request, how many donors there are in your community, and whether you are able to pay the cost of shipping or not.

Tens of thousands of Ear Savers are being made each day, and our community is scaling up to hundreds of thousands. The need for Ear Savers is so great that Glowforge is even building injection molding tools at our factory to provide you with your Ear Savers sooner.

We don’t have a way to tell you exactly when you will match, but we’re making them as quickly as we can. We’ll reach out as soon as we match you with a provider.

Can I speed up my order?

As soon as a maker is available in your area, we’ll get you matched. If you’re able to pay for shipping, we’re able to match more quickly, although it can still take weeks. If you didn’t choose to pay for shipping when you signed up, email earsavers@glowforge.com to request that change.

I didn’t receive a confirmation - did you get my request?

Yes. You won’t hear from us until we have news about your request, for example when we match you with an Ear Savers donor.

How can I let people know about Ear Savers?

Thank you for asking! Please spread the word to friends and family to get free Ear Savers at glowforge.com!

We’re so excited about our opportunity to help - we’d love for everyone to find out.

Are you making anything else?

Customers are making many different kinds of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) using their Glowforge Printers. We created makecovidstop.org to coordinate making and delivering other kinds of PPE - please visit there for more help.