You Made Something Magical & Alignment Improvement

You’ve made something magical

For years we’ve heard that while the Glowforge Community Forum is good for many things, it’s not good for one really important thing: browsing the incredible work that you’ve all created. We’ve been bothered by that, because we love seeing what you’ve done.

We want to highlight the creators that make our company possible, and the creations that they’ve built. So we’ve created a new set of pages, an updated customer gallery. It’s at

Our goal was to highlight your amazing photos, make it easy to browse between prints, showcase the creators responsible for each print, and make it easy to join the conversation in the forum.

Everyone at the office lost 20 minutes of productivity the first time they checked it out and we’ve gotten carried away sharing your inspiring works with each other. We hope you and those you share them with love it too!

Alignment Improvement

Your Glowforge lid camera makes it quick and easy to lay out your print. The actual print should always land within ¼” of where you put it, but we’ve seen that’s not true for everyone. We created the Lid Camera Calibration process to fix this. And, as a bonus, it will improve the alignment of some machines that are within spec to make them even better (although we can’t guarantee that).

If your calibration is off by more than ¼” (or if you’d just like to try to improve it), you’ll need a 12” x 20” piece of Proofgrade draftboard or plywood, used upside-down (with the sticker side down). Visit the Camera Recalibrator page and follow the instructions. It may take up to 40 minutes, depending on the speed of your wifi and internet connection.

When you finish recalibration, you’ll get instructions to test your calibration. If you run that test and find more than ¼” difference, please take a screenshot of the result and contact support so we can fix it for you! Otherwise, if you'd like to discuss the feature, you can in the Camera Calibration Community Support Thread.