Workspace Improvements

Zoom better

It can be handy to use the web browser zoom controls, as well as the magnifying glass icon in the toolbar. The combination produced some surprising results though - and not the good kind of surprise. We fixed an issue where if you zoomed out with your browser (instead of using the zoom in the app), you would see the ruler and bed image resize in unexpected ways, and your artwork would not resize. Now, if you use your browser’s native zoom, the bed image, rulers, and your artwork all resize together - just as you’d hope.

Phantom calibration

We’ve taken care of a problem where you might have seen a “calibrating” message in the background during a print, when it wasn’t actually calibrating.

Clearer engrave settings choices

You might have seen two identical color previews when selecting “Engrave by color” and “Score” settings for Proofgade materials - for example, between light and dark engraves. All better now!