The Sounds of Silence and a Snapmark fix

Sleep mode

Sometimes you just need to a quick break in between prints, whether it’s to put together your new print or to get another cup of coffee. We’re introducing Sleep mode for those times when you’re not quite ready to turn off your Glowforge for the day yet, but need a walk away for a moment.

With Sleep mode, when your Glowforge has not been in used for a while (currently 5 minutes) and the lid is closed, it will go into a low power mode that is quieter and has reduced power usage. When you get back to your Glowforge again, you can quickly wake it up by simply lifting up the lid or pressing the button, and it will instantaneously be powered on again without a full startup.

We recommend that you still turn off your Glowforge when you won’t be using it for an hour or more, which will save about 50 watts of power. (Also, some updates are only applied when you turn the machine off and on).

Sleep mode will be gradually roll out to all machines over the next two weeks. Once it’s enabled for your machine, it will be installed as an update the next time you power it off and on.

Snapmark fix

Previously, if you edit or add new artwork after uploading a design, running Snapmark will reset the design’s size and position. With this latest change, Snapmark will now retain the edits made post-upload.

For example: You can upload a pencil jig template, add a new artwork and place it inside one of the boxes. When you hit Snapmark, it will try to re-align both the original jig design as well as the added new artwork altogether. Or you can copy and paste artwork, and the copies will move together with the original artwork as well.

In most cases where precise alignment is required, we still expect artwork be completely created in your design software for upload. However we hope that this change will give more flexibility for users who may be editing or adding new artwork later on in their workflow.

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