Starting a print when it’s warm; finding your way from the forum (6/25/19)

Starting a print when it's warm

Previously, your prints won’t start if your Glowforge unit is too hot. Now, when your Glowforge is too warm to print, pressing the button will run the fans to help cool things off and print when the temperature drops. It won’t help if the room’s way over the recommended operating temperatures, but in the case where it’s close, this can help you get a print out.

Finding your way from the forum

You’ve discovered the wonder of the Glowforge Community Forum: showing off your prints, finding free laser designs, and seeing how small is the smallest print we can manage. However, once you’ve gone to the Community, it can be hard to find your way back.

Based on your suggestions, we’ve added a navigation bar to fix that. Now, when you’ve got the answer you need, or inspiration strikes, head right back to your Dashboard and begin printing up a storm!

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