Some like it hot, and a change just for you fans

Farewell, hot stop

We recently rolled out a series of improvements to prepare for the wild summer heat wave we’ve seen sweeping the nation. Instead of cancelling your print, your Glowforge can pause and fan itself in a civilized manner until it’s ready to continue. You told us that was a big improvement - but you helped us find a bug, too! Your Glowforge would sometimes prevent you from printing when it was warm. Problem solved. You can always start your Glowforge printing, and if it’s too warm, it’ll just pause during the print to chill as needed to get the job done. Of course, for the fastest and best results in environments that are consistently over 72F/22C, we recommend the advanced cooling found in the Glowforge Pro.

Not a “fan” of mystery faults? Us, either.

It’s important to keep your Glowforge ventilation system in tip-top shape. Your Glowforge will always stop if it detects a problem, but we heard from you that it would be easier to troubleshoot if we could be a little more specific. Starting now, if your Glowforge detects a ventilation-related problem, you’ll see a message letting you know and telling you if the problem is in your intake (right side), exhaust (left rear), or air assist (under the head). Mystery solved!