Snap and Store and Rotate and Refer

Snap and Store Box

Snap and Store Box Image

We love to see the amazing things people make - whether they’re elaborate original creations, or just a joyful printing of one of our starter projects. We’ve been thinking about upgrading the plaque project for a while, and we finally found the perfect replacement. The Snap and Store box is fast to print, easy to assemble, fun to personalize, and will be a great new way to get started with Glowforge.

Of course, you’re already started - but we’ll add this handy box to your Dashboard at shortly. New users will get this instead of the plaque. You’ll get both!

Full Rotation

You can now rotate! Previously, rotation only worked with pure vector images. Now, you can click on anything, then drag the little frying pan handle sticking out of the top to rotate it. It works with both uploaded files and with Trace. You might try it out by customizing your new Snap and Store box?


The #whatmadethis campaign is showcasing hundreds of beautiful projects, and it’s just the first few days! We’d love for you to participate. Just share a picture of something you made with the text #whatmadethis and include the custom link we created for you at