Search your designs from the dashboard; New catalog contents; Bigger Print Menu

Thanks to your feedback, we’re making it easier for you to find designs on your dashboard. By default, your designs are sorted by the last opened date so that you can see your most recent prints first. With design search, it’s easy to find your designs by title.

To search your designs:

  1. On the Dashboard, scroll to the bottom of your designs
  2. On the right, click View All. The Search designs by box appears above your designs.
  3. Type what you’re looking for and click the search button to search


New catalog designs!

This week, we’re adding a bunch more designs to the Glowforge Catalog. Check out the Lotus Blossom Shippo Earrings, solve this a Pocket Pentomino Puzzle, or spruce up your workspace with this Desktop Pen Holder (also available with an added Business Card Display).

These are available for purchase as single print or unlimited print, and are free with your Glowforge Premium membership. They also come with full commercial rights so you can print as many as you want - for yourself, for gifts, or even to sell! You can check out all our recent additions here.

Bigger print panel in your workspace

Next time you print, you may notice that the Print Panel on the right of your workspace looks a bit different. We’ve made this panel a bit more spacious so it’s easier to read messages on any device.