Precision/Full Power Rollout, Part II

We’re finishing the rollout of Precision & Full Power that we announced last month.

We engineered Precision Power to help unlock never-before-seen engraving abilities on materials like wood, acrylic, and even delicate paper. Different settings allow for different shades, giving you power to create intricate and richly detailed engraves right at your fingertips.

Full Power, on the other hand, is just like it sounds; it uses maximum power on the material, which is useful for cuts and scores. Pro users have even more power at their disposal, meaning that full power on Pro will cut through materials, including Proofgrade, at an accelerated speed.

The combination allows your Glowforge to print beautifully on a tremendous array of materials, from carving through thick hardwoods to delicately engraving a single sheet of notebook paper.

Materials come from a huge variety of sources, so we made this easy with Proofgrade settings. When you use Proofgrade material, we automatically pick the right combination of speed and precision or full power to use with your material. Starting today, though, we have a new manual interface to access these if you are using materials from third party sources and need to develop proper settings yourself.

First, you have the choice of Full power, which uses the maximum power available to your Pro or Basic Glowforge. This gives you about 20% more power on the Pro than the Basic, so Pro operations at Full power can run about 20% faster.

Second, you have the choice of Precision power. Precision power is the same between Basic and Pro. This gives you extremely detailed control over the level of power produced by the laser, which allows you to dial in incredibly fine details and print on exceptionally delicate materials.

Third, we’re cleaning up our measurements. Cutting speeds can now range from 100-500, and engraving speeds can range from 100-1000. If you have old settings to convert, make a copy of this spreadsheet and it will do it for you. Power settings are unchanged.

(The team is also rolling out dozens of software tests to accelerate factory production - this is the only change we’re making that is user-affecting!)

Manual settings - Cut