Pause! Longer prints! Faster print prep! New Print UI!

This is a big update.

Pause print

One of our most-requested features is a “pause” button during prints. You’ve probably had it happen - you’re in the middle of a long print when the doorbell rings. Well, we heard your feedback (and we’ve been there too). We’ve just developed the ability to pause a print! Any time while a print is happening, you can press the white button to pause. To resume, just press the button again and the print will continue. We take care of all the magic so that there’s no visible interruption.

Opening the lid will still cancel the print (so it cannot be restarted). Remember not to leave your Glowforge unattended while it is printing - easier now that you can pause!

Longer print time

What would go best with being able to pause? Longer prints! Giant designs and high LPI engraves can take a while to finish. We now support truly giant print files, even longer than the previous 3 hour limit.

Faster print preparation

Preparing your print… Preparing your print… Preparing your print Preparing your print just got about 30% faster. We’ve been optimizing the cloud process that gets your prints ready so you’ll have less time to wait before you get to hit the button.

New print progress sidebar

Last but not least, we’ve made some updates to the workspace so that the print progress will no longer cover up your design during a print. Your current print will be shown in a new sidebar to the right, so you can more conveniently prepare your next print while keeping an eye on the current one. To make this work, we’ve removed the video preview of the print steps. The preview video takes up memory and can slow down the browser, which can be magnified on larger prints with the new extended print support.

All of the above new features will be gradually rolled out to all machines as a single update over the next week. When you see the updated print progress sidebar in your app, that means that all these features are enabled for your machine.

Screen Shot 2019-01-21 at 4.46.47 PM