Now available in beta: Live chat support & Printscan

Live chat support is being beta tested at

The live chat beta provides customer service and technical support from 10 am to 2 pm Pacific time Monday through Friday.

When chat is available, you’ll see a chat button at the lower right corner.


If no one is available, you can click the support button to leave us a message and we’ll reply by email.


New in Early Access for Glowforge Premium: Printscan™ beta

Designs that concentrate lots of laser energy in a tiny space can lead to charring, discoloration, and material damage. That can leave you with a mess instead of the project you wanted.

To help combat this, we’re releasing a beta of Printscan. Printscan beta estimates if your print will experience material damage due to the concentration of laser energy. If Printscan concludes that there’s a high risk of material damage, it will give you a warning like this:

Early Access

How to turn on Printscan beta

Later this week, Printscan will become available to Glowforge Premium members as a part of Glowforge Premium’s Early Access program. (You can learn more about Glowforge Premium’s Early Access program here.)

To turn on Printscan beta:

  1. Go to
  2. Click the name of your printer in the top right corner.

Early Access

  1. Click “Glowforge Early Access”.
  2. Toggle the Printscan switch so it turns teal.

Early Access

How Printscan works

Printscan beta uses your material setting to estimate if there is a high chance of material damage. It is disabled if “Unknown Material” is chosen, and it may not always run. It is much less accurate if you are not using Proofgrade materials, or if you use manual settings.

After you press Print in the app, before you’re prompted to press the glowing button on your Glowforge, you may see a warning that highlights the areas of your print. You can choose to cancel the print and modify your design or settings, or you can start the print anyway and monitor it closely.

This beta feature is not a substitute for proper safety precautions. As always, follow the user manual and watch your Glowforge during prints.

Our customer success team won’t be able to answer questions about this feature yet, but you can share feedback and get support in the Community Forum.