Next Premium Feature "In Line"

Introducing Patterned Lines

We’re really excited about a new Premium feature - Patterned Lines! With this feature, you can add some really stunning details to your design with just a few clicks, as well as functional designs such as stitching holes or tabs that hold small parts into the sheet you’re cutting them from.

Patterned Line Modes

Try out these 5 Patterned Lines options:

  • Repeating Shapes instantly adds visual interest by spacing one of dozens of carefully selected graphics around your shape.
  • Seamless Patterns do the same with a variety of unbroken geometric, organic, and whimsical designs.
  • Stitching Holes make your leather sewing projects a snap.
  • Perforated Lines let you create punch outs and tear lines in paper and cardboard.
  • Hold-In Tabs hold cut out shapes into your material until you’re ready to separate them.

For a walkthrough of how the feature works, see this quick video overview: