New Premium perks: sell your designs in the Glowforge Catalog; print on copy paper

As a Glowforge Premium member, you can now apply to sell your designs in the Glowforge Catalog, and - if they’re accepted - get paid every time they’re printed.

Whether you create practical prints for everyday problems, extraordinary works of art, or a little bit of both, we think the Glowforge Catalog can be incredibly rewarding for you. We always say here that Glowforge is magical, but we both know it’s the things you create that are the real magic. We want to see you and thousands of designers like you earn money directly from your creativity.

We made it easy to sell your work with Glowforge Premium

Want to hear a shocking number? In just 5 months, demand for designs in our catalog grew 122 times bigger than before, and that demand continues to rise.

What’s driving this unprecedented popularity is Glowforge Premium. There are a ton of benefits to Glowforge Premium membership, but the one that’s important today is the unlimited access to high quality, made-for-Glowforge catalog designs. Already some of the most popular catalog designs (like this mesmerizing Mechanical Marble Run, this pair of Intricate Mandala Earrings, or this Earring Display Stand) were created by Glowforge owners just like you!

Popular Customer Designs

We’re thrilled to see the way the Premium community is enjoying what you’ve made, but more importantly, we want to invite you to be a part of this success.

As a Glowforge Catalog designer, you can:

  • Earn money directly from your designs: Once your product is accepted, you’ll be eligible to get paid monthly - with nothing else required! The more people get it, print it, and love it, the more you’ll get paid.
  • Instant customers: When your design is published to the Design Catalog, every Glowforge user will instantly be able to purchase and print it.
  • Simple to submit: Set up your design in the app just like you’re about to print it. When you’re ready, submit directly from the app. Your print settings are included!
  • Protect your work: Your customers will not get your original design file. They can print the design, and sell the physical print, but they can’t download the file.
  • Choose how to sell: Sell anywhere else you want, or make it a Glowforge exclusive. Designs exclusive to Glowforge are eligible for bonus perks including higher earnings and special promotions.
  • Focus on what you love: We take care of the hard parts of making sure your design is set up, delivered, and supported for your customers, so you can get back to creating.

A few more details

Why will this only be open to Glowforge Premium members?

Most stores have joining and listing fees. Instead of charging you an additional fee, we’ve decided to include it for free with your Glowforge Premium membership.

Why are prices set by Glowforge?

We believe that your creativity and designs are valuable. We’re setting pricing to ensure that you and other designers are rewarded for your efforts and ideas. We’ve seen the pressure for creatives to undercut each other's prices elsewhere. Also, we’ve all seen talented creatives accidentally ask for way less than they’re worth. By setting and adjusting prices, we can fine-tune the system to work well for everyone.

How is my payment determined?

How much you earn for each design depends on a number of factors. For example more prints, higher ratings, and designs offered exclusively through Glowforge all increase your earnings. Since the factors are dynamic, there is no way to calculate your payment in advance and we will be improving our process each month based on feedback from you and customers who purchase your designs.

What if I’m not satisfied?

Unless you choose the exclusive option, you can withdraw your design if you’re not satisfied. (We plan to give extra advertising and attention to our best exclusive designs, so they’re not eligible for withdrawal.)

How do I get started?

  1. Apply to become a Glowforge Catalog designer.
  • Your invitation is waiting for you through Early Access. Tell us a little about yourself, show us a few examples of designs you can’t wait to sell through our catalog, and we’ll let you know if you’re accepted.
  • While we’re getting started, we can only accept 50 designers. Apply today for a chance to be one of the first 50 Glowforge Premium members to sell your designs.
  1. Review the guides.
  • Take a look at our Becoming a Catalog designer guide to help with submitting your design.
  • Get familiar with Assembly instructions and Photography guides. You’ll need these as part of your submission.
  1. Look through your favorite original designs and pick one (or more) to submit!
  • Choose with care. The design must be family friendly, fully your own original work, and you must have already printed it successfully using Proofgrade materials with default settings.
  • Prepare assembly instructions and product photos for your submission.
  1. Wait for us to receive and review your design application.
  • As we get started, we will only be able to review a limited number of designs at a time, so this may take a while.
  1. Hear the news!
  • We’ll let you know if your design has been accepted in this round. No worries if it isn’t - there will be future opportunities, and your designs will still be eligible to submit!
  1. Get paid!
  • Once a design is accepted, we’ll choose its launch price and list the design in the catalog. Glowforge Premium members will be able to print the design for free, and Glowforge Print members will be able to purchase it. Either way, you’ll get paid when people print and love your work. Payments will arrive every following month.

We’re excited to see how much our customers will love your designs!

Another Premium Perk: Settings for Copy Paper

That’s not all for Premium members. You can now take precision printing to a whole new level using preset settings for cutting, scoring, and engraving on 20 lb copy paper. To get started, turn on “Settings for Copy Paper” in Early Access.

If you’re looking for a delightful first print on paper, try the Made with Love Gift Insert that’s free for Premium members. You can add it to your next Glowforge-made gift to share both your love and your laser powers. For the best results, we recommend taping down the corners of the paper to the crumb tray using masking tape.

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