New catalog designs, automatic instructions, and improved sensor monitoring

New catalog designs We’ve added 4 new catalog designs this week with more ways to create breathtaking displays! Serve up your delicious treats with this 3-Tier Mobile Dessert Tower or Crescent Mini Display Riser. For those looking to create more space in your kitchen or office, this Mini Shelf Riser Display is perfect for organizing your spice jars or collectibles.

These are free with your Glowforge Premium membership, or can be purchased as single and unlimited prints. They also come with full commercial rights so you can print as many as you want - for yourself, for gifts, or even to sell!

Catalog designs now show instructions automatically Thanks to your feedback, we’re making improvements so it’s easier than ever to print and assemble a design from the Glowforge catalog. Most of our catalog designs have detailed and helpful instructions - now, when you open one for printing, those instructions are shown automatically.

Auto Instructions

Should you make changes that you want to revert, you can click Reset Design. This will reset your design to it’s catalog-original condition.

You can also access this menu at any time by clicking the [...] more options menu and selecting Design Details.

Design Details Instructions

We are also adding more assembly instructions for some of your favorite designs. We’ve added instructions to all of the following:

Improved sensor monitoring Your Glowforge uses sensors inside the air intake, lid, head, exhaust, and coolant to alert you when the temperature gets too high.

We improved the way we monitor these sensors to more quickly and accurately identify issues. As always, if anything unusual is detected, the print may pause or cancel.

Autofocus improvements We’ve made some updates to the autofocus software to improve the accuracy. On most prints, this won’t have a noticeable difference, but you may see improvements to the quality of your prints like fewer scorch marks and improved cutting. The updates will go out automatically over the next couple of weeks. You do not need to reboot to receive the update.

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